Electronic Design Solutions Inc.

Custom-Designed Electro-Mechanical Solutions

At EDSI, we are here to move your business forward by increasing your efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and profitability through custom-designed electro-mechanical solutions:

Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

If you have an electro-mechanical application, process, product, or control system that you want to create or refine, EDSI is your end-to-end solution! We can complete your entire project from concept to prototype to manufacturing.

LonWorks® Engineering.

EDSI will create affordable networks of intelligent devices that sense, process, communicate, and control a multitude of applications ranging from handheld instruments to large process control systems.

Coach Products and Repair Services.

EDSI is proud to provide Techlon replacement parts and repair services.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

EDSI is ready to provide you with the perfect electro-mechanical engineering solution for your business needs! Call us today at (610) 682-9764.

Electronic Design Solutions Inc.