LonWorks® Engineering

One of the technologies we specialize in at EDSI is LonWorks®. This technology has increased the intelligence of control networks while dramatically lowering the cost and design complexity of distributed control systems. It is now possible to create affordable networks of intelligent devices that sense, process, communicate, and control a multitude of applications ranging from handheld instruments to large process control systems. Our Chief Engineer is a Certified LonWorks® Professional.

With LonWorks®:

  • less wiring is needed for installation
  • remote gateways can be utilized for off-site diagnosis
  • the system has no single point of failure
  • fewer wiring connections allow for faster installation
  • the system does not have to go “off line” while changes are being made
  • simplified wiring and assembly streamlines customization
  • the system performs self-diagnosis
  • the system uses a standardized wiring scheme for power and communication
  • the system can be reconfigured without extensive rewiring and disassembly
  • modularization permits the use of standardized testing and verification procedures

EDSI has successfully designed and fabricated systems using LonWorks® to facilitate energy management for supermarkets, control and remote reporting of the status of industrial gas systems, diagnosis and control of communication networks, and remote control of various systems in luxury motor coaches.

Do you want to increase your control over your systems? Call EDSI at (610) 682-9764 to find out more about LonWorks® today!

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