Electro-Mechanical Engineering

If you have an electro-mechanical application, process, product, or control system that you want to create or refine, EDSI is your end-to-end solution! We can complete your entire project from concept to prototype to manufacture with:

  • Robust circuit boards. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed wiring boards (PWBs) are often at the core of an electro-mechanical system – that’s why we design them to be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting.
  • Well-designed hardware. Unlike other firms who only understand software, at EDSI, we create user-friendly, environmentally-appropriate hardware.
  • Efficient machinery. If you need to automate a task, we can design the device to do it as well as the circuit board to control it.
  • Reengineering. If there has been a break in your company’s process or product development continuity, EDSI can restore you to full profitability through skilled reengineering.
  • Cost-effective manufacturability. At EDSI, we make sure that our electro-mechanical designs can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively to support your business goals.
  • Automated testing. You need to know if your manufactured electro-mechanical device is assembled correctly, which is why EDSI designs automated testing to remove any question of human error.
  • User-friendly interfaces. Electro-mechanical systems are only useful if they are also usable: our user-friendly interfaces streamline your process and keep business flowing.

Whether you need a complex control system to coordinate a dozen components or a simple circuit board to handle a single task, EDSI is ready to provide you with the perfect electro-mechanical engineering solution! Call EDSI at (610) 682-9764 today.

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